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Things to know before seeing Spring Breakers

  1. It is not a female version of The Hangover
  2. It was not originally made for big screen release
  3. Harmony Korine said himself that he wanted it to be like a drug experience
  4. Not for the faint hearted

I thought it was all right. I didn’t really have high expectations before seeing it and I read other people’s thoughts on it. It really is not like any movie you’ve seen before. Cinematography wise, I thought it was well done. It was colourful and dark at times and attention grabbing and I personally liked the repetition of shots. I legit felt like I was on drugs while watching it which I guess was the point bwahaha. It doesn’t go from one event to the next, scene to scene. Walking out of the theater, it felt more like a memory or like a hazy dream.

James and Selena and Ashley were excellent. James had me thoroughly creeped out, but he gave Alien a sort of soft side as well. I just wanted to jump in and cuddle Selena and her little puppy dog eyes and Ashley made me want to jump her bones and run away from her at the same time. Rachel and Vanessa were good as well, but at some points them on screen made me want to cringe? Idk, maybe it was their delivery on some lines or their body language, it was just over kill for me at points.

I disagree with people who say there was no message behind it and that the ending sucked. Harmony said what people take away from it was their own interpretation but what I got from it was like, how far would you go to get what you want? What would you do to get it, and what would be your ultimate boiling point? The only thing I didn’t like about the ending was how Britt and Candy just went all bamf and managed to shoot down a whole house full of supposed gangsters? Yeah. 

OH on that note, my favourite scene was deffs after their little show down in their cars with Gucci Mane and Cottie gets shot and the whole sequence with Alien playing the piano with the blood on his hands and comforting Cottie and singing his little song or poem about the four girls was almost beautifully haunting. Real gut-wrencher. And the voice overs of Candy and Britt after they gunned the whole house down when they’re talking to their moms on the phone was perfect. It really leaves the ending up in the air, which I personally like. Were they serious when they said they wanted to be good people from now on? Where were they going in their stolen car? Would they just bounce back into their normal lives back at college? Would they be able to snap back from going through an experience like that?


Ian and I approve of Lucy Hale in Cosmo. #proud everyone pick up a copy and see for yourself.

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@norbuck: Hanging with @keeganallen, @ladyshawsters, and @shaymitch on Tuesday night. instagr.am/p/OVrtREP77d/


@norbuck: Hanging with @keeganallen, @ladyshawsters, and @shaymitch on Tuesday night. instagr.am/p/OVrtREP77d/

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